bitsian is live

We are thrilled that you are a part of the bitsian adventure with us

Thank you for being here.

A year after getting everyone together and eight months after writing the first lines of code, bitsian is available to you— our customers. You have been building this and informing us with what you want from the jump. We strove to work closely with our earliest customers to upgrade and implement requested features.

Working with you allowed us to build a product for the people who would be using it, in lockstep with them. Your insights on our ideas on whiteboards or google hangouts turned into early mockups and now fully flushed experiences.

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Login once: Manage all of your exchanges in one interface.

We have got your fix---no more logging into all of your exchanges and bouncing between screens.

Crypto’s Simple and Powerful Trading Ticket [patent pending]

  • Know before you buy: preview pricing estimates costs including fees

  • Best Price: know where you can get the best price

  • Estimated Trade Price: we will, in real time, update your quote based for the level of book you need to hit every order

The top 10 exchanges are available: BitStamp, Bittrex, BitMart, Coinbase, HitBTC, Gemini, Kraken, KuCoin and Poloniex.

Note: curious for futures? Find Bitmex’s perpetual swaps in the orderbook, next to spot quotes.

For the charting guru’s: use TradingView Charting inside bitsian.

A Global Aggregated Order Book for Crypto- it is here.

See live bid/ask from multiple exchanges. Select all, specific or single exchanges for each coin-pair.

You can use the aggregate order book to recognize arbitrage opportunities across 2,800 native pairs and 182,000 synthetic pairs (any coin to any coin) bitsian supports, more than any other digital asset trading platform or exchange.

Read more about synthetic pairs here.

Advanced Order Types: Stop Loss, Profit Take, Trailing Stops and Ice Scraper--even on exchanges that do not support them natively. We are also working on VWAP/TWAP

Transparent & Open Feedback

Add your thoughts, upvote and comment the bitsian product Roadmap on Trello.

If you are curious about where in the process something you have requested is or want to progress is coming along check Trello. We update this several times a week-- or just drop us a line on Telegram.  Public Participation

We Out Here!

We spent a lot of the last 12 months in silence. We wanted to be a company that spoke only when we have something to add. Two weeks ago we traveled to Chicago for The Chicago Trading Show. There, we met traders and investors in crypto who provided plenty of ideas, thoughts, and excitement. It was an incredible event to take us out of our ‘jungle’ and show us the 10,000-foot view of what the world looks like outside of our clients and building bitsian every day.

While we were there, Steve Brucato (CTO/cofounder) presented our research on Spoof in Cryptocurrency. TLDR: Spoof is real. On one exchange in one month on three coin pairs we found almost 100,000 instances of spoof. Presentation here.

Pictured: bitsian CTO/Cofounder, Steven Brucato speaking to a group of crypto-traders and investors at The Trading Show.

New York is our hometown. We loved welcoming everyone to New York and participated as much as we could through interviews, panels and our own party.

Pictured: bitsian CEO/Cofounder Raakhee Miller speaking at Consensus at the Womin’s Lounge on Women In Investing

We hosted CryptoCocktails at #NYCBlockchainweek (Consensus 2019)

The party was great. We hosted about 150 people on Wall Street with the New York Stock Exchange in the backdrop. This was our biggest party yet, and we’ve thrown some fun gatherings in the last year.

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The customer feedback has been rich this far. Our plan is to keep taking feedback and opening access onto platform. The experience has been unique and full of surprising. One of the most interesting is how varied that customers have been. Right now, hedgefunds, crypto fund managers, and individual traders are utilizing bitsian.

If you have any feedback add it to our bitsian Public Roadmap.

Join Gamenight!

We meet once a month on Wall Street and invite about 15 people to join us over games, pizza and drinks. We’d love to have you.

You can always also reach out to us on Telegram, Twitter and Linkedin.

-The bitsian squad